At Freightxtension we are focused on building effective trust based relationships and empowering small and medium sized business owners with real shipping tools and strategies that make shipping easy and give their company a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Typically shipping is seen as a necessary cost. Business owners usually setup one main courier and a few LTL carriers or freight brokers that they request quotes from to ensure they are competitive. Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent model, especially given the fact that shipping is not your core competency.

Some of the common problems or lost opportunities we find with shippers that use this model:

  • Limited rate and transit options.
  • Typically same resource cannot service courier and LTL options.
  • Have to make numerous contacts to obtain rate quotes.
  • Have multiple different contacts to schedule different shipments.
  • Have to wait and compile quotes
  • Have to email or phone in quotes or orders
  • Volumes don’t qualify for any significant discount.
  • You can become labeled a temporary customer when quote with multiple carriers.
  • Managing numerous payable accounts.
  • Creating your own labels, bills of lading, customs invoices.
  • Abandoned carts on eCommerce site due to long transit.
  • Numerous different steps to track your shipments.
  • Costly training new team members on the complicated process.

Having been senior managers within the transportation industry for over 20 years our founders have had a unique perspective to witness some of the common problems small and medium sized businesses face and seek out real solutions.

What if you created a business with the sole purpose of using your knowledge of the industry to bring the tools and abilities that have only been available to large corporations and transportation insiders that have been able to invest in building robust carrier networks and the technologies necessary to have visibility and bring it all together?

The reality is that no one carrier or courier can service the diverse geography and demographics of all of North America competitively on their own. Smaller regional carriers/couriers focus and specialize in certain areas and successful large carriers source and create partnerships with these regional providers.

Different carriers also use different pricing models to differentiate from their competitors. The large majority of the carriers utilize class or density models. Others use a per skid space model. Both models have their advantages depending on the nature of the shipment.

Carriers and couriers determine discount levels based on things like volume, payment history and ease of working with the customer. In order for small or medium sized businesses to qualify for any real discount level they need to commit the majority (if not all) their volume to the one carrier or courier. As we have learned above, different carriers will be able to provide better pricing or service in different areas. It also takes time to show payment history or ease of working with you.

Another consideration is the importance of relationship. If you are constantly requesting quotes from various carriers. The carriers start to label you as a temporary customer and with such a large industry it is surprising how quickly word travels.

At Freightxtension our focus is on providing businesses with real solutions, tools and strategies that allow them maximum access potential, reduce common problems and lost opportunities.

When you partner with Freightxtension, you instantly get access to:
  • Industry Leading Exclusive Transportation Management System (TMS) (The technology that creates visibility and functionality for your amazing new options)
  • Significantly Discounted rates from 100’s of leading carriers and couriers (Leveraging the combined volumes of 1000s of shippers and an earned reputation allows you to enjoy top tier discounts).
  • One of the largest selections of discounted per pallet rates across Canada and the USA.
  • All inclusive, per skid rate schedules for a stable competitive cost throughout the year.
  • Run unlimited quotes discreetly .
  • Generate and Print Courier Labels and Bills of Lading.
  • Obtain transit times and rates on demand to make costing supplier decisions.
  • Combine your Courier and LTL shipments into one service portal.
  • Streamline billing.
  • Connect with your internal software eliminate duplicate order entry.
  • Interface with your eCommerce store to provide real service options for your customers.

Contact us today to setup a free account. There is no commitment necessary. We don’t need to lock you in. Once you give us a try you will understand why.

We look forward to welcoming you to the family and being of service.