We empower our clients with our exceptional tools, exclusive pricing discounts and the combined power of two unique, industry leading networks. When you partner with FreightXtension for your LTL shipping needs, you get immediate access to the best of both worlds in transportation. A solution for courier and small LTL as well as for large LTL up to truckload.

Empower your team, simplify your processes and get your shipping working for you with this powerhouse combination!

Every day we save you time & money by making shipping easy.

Exclusive FreightXtension Benefits:

Improved Efficiency and Visibility
Reduced Costs and Resources
Increased services and options
LTL and Courier Portal
Industry Leading Exclusive Transportation Management System (TMS)
Do you ship small LTL 1- 4 skids or packages?

With this Industry Leading Exclusive Transportation Management System (TMS), a little analysis and simple process tweaks you can turn your freight from a total cost factor into a competitive edge.

Harness the advantages and instantly

Compare rates from 100’s of carriers and couriers for a given origin and destination
Qualify for discounts usually reserved for large corporations and the Fortune 500
Lookup costs and tracking to make pricing or supplier decisions
Quote, Schedule and Track shipments
Generate Bills of Lading and Courier labels
Obtain transit times and numerous service options
Combine your Courier and LTL shipments into one service portal
Streamline billing
Connect with your internal software to eliminate duplicate order entry
Interface with your ecommerce store to provide live service options for your customers

PLUS for Large LTL up to TL,Take Advantage of Our…
Pallet Plus Network:
Do you ship large LTL 5 skids and over, or very large or heavy skids?

This network operates Regional Distribution Facilities strategically located throughout Canada and the USA and offers all-inclusive, per skid rates and flexible service options for thousands of lane combinations.

Benefit from

One of the largest selections of discounted per pallet rates across Canada and the USA.
All inclusive, per skid rate schedules for a stable competitive cost throughout the year
Complete Coverage Across Canada and the USA for LTL, Truckload, LCL, FCL, and Flatbed.
Online tracking & email notifications.