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With years of experience as senior managers with leading transportation companies. They envisioned using their experience and expertise to provide small and medium sized companies with the discounts and advantages made available by having access to a team of qualified experts and an extensive network of local, regional and cross border carriers throughout Canada and the USA.

With professional representation, shipping freight can be made easy, cost effective and even provide a competitive edge for your business. You need expert representation you can trust as an extension of your organization. This is why we work directly with leading transportation service providers — That value service excellence, honesty and integrity as the foundations of their business — To give you more freight options, exclusive pallet rates & the customer service you deserve.


is NOT a freight broker

Our services & expertise are FREE to you, our clients. Our services are compensated by our transportation partners in much the same manner as they would compensate their own sales force. Because of our extensive network of partnerships, you receive preferred pricing. Our partners know that we are committed to quality service and that our clients will understand the importance of proper shipment descriptions, documentation and preparation, making it an easy process for all parties.

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